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Plantar Fasciitis Orange County CA

Learn what is causing your sore feet or arch pain with our Free Plantar Fasciitis Severity Evaluation. This evaluation will pinpoint the exact cause of your pain (you may not have plantar fasciitis after all!) and you will be given an easy to understand explanation of what the basis of your problem is, how severe it is and what treatments are most likely to be successful at relieving your sore feet, heel pain or arch pain.

Your Free Plantar Fasciitis Severity Evaluation will include:

  • A consult with Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor and orthopedic expert since 1986 ($85 value)
  • Precise plantar fascia and lower extremity physical examination ($125 value)
  • Specific x-ray of your sore foot ($90 value)
  • An initial treatment with our revolutionary plantar fasciitis treatment program ($85 value)
  • Recommended Action Plan (priceless!)

Total Value: $385.00
Your Cost: $0

These services are everything you need to find the cause of your foot pain AND includes a first treatment to demonstrate the amazing plantar fasciitis treatment program we have available to you. These services are worth every penny of $385 that we would normally charge, but by calling us now and mentioning this website, they are yours Free of Charge and there is absolutely No Obligation for further care. (but we’re confident once you sample the treatment and see how affordable our program is, you’ll undoubtedly want to continue)

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